Why should you choose to manually spin articles?

Why should you choose to manually spin articles? Two reasons:

Article Spinning Requires Quality And Uniqueness
When I say quality, I am referring to the readability of the article and its content. An article that is not readable or that has irrelevant content will have a tough time getting published and an even tougher time getting traffic from that link. People want to read relevant information. If you can deliver relevant information in a well written article, people will be much more inclined to click on your links and to share your article on their websites, blogs, etc.

There is no real defined level of what constitutes a good % of uniqueness to have between articles, but I would say a general goal should be 60%. If you can hit anywhere above 60%, you are doing very well. Keep in mind that when you are writing articles, it will be impossible to be 100% unique and very difficult to even hit 80% unique because there are only so many different ways to say things. However, it’s important not to drop too low because your articles will start to look more and more like spam. This is especially true if you are submitting hundreds of similar articles on the web. You may want to get out as many articles as possible within a short period of time, but what good are those backlinks if they never get organically linked to? What value do those backlinks really have?