Automatic Article Spinning?

If you have ever read an article that has no flow or that contains words that don’t fit properly into a sentence structure, it is very possible that you are reading an automatically spun article. Instead of taking the time to input their own information and to manually spin the text, someone left it up to a program. This option may help create some unique content and only takes a matter of minutes, but it is often far from good quality.

It is not enough to just spin text by substituting synonyms for words. You also want to use variations in sentences and even paragraphs. By spinning content manually, you have the ability to choose the words and phrases that work as substitutes for your original text, thereby creating content that is relevant and unique. If done correctly, this process of adding and omitting words, phrases and paragraphs, should resemble writing multiple articles and spinning them together in a way that creates a series of unique articles.