Duplicate Content Checker is a free tool that can Cross compare unlimited articles to find the duplicate content. It will help you not being penalized by search engines.




Duplicate Content checker is created for content writers who want to make high quality article content manually. It will help you find the duplicate content and highlight them out as well as give you the percentage of duplication within the unlimited articles. You can set how the duplicate content calculation is determined.

Using Duplicate Content Checker you can edit, rewrite and compare articles quickly and easily, getting rid of duplicate content to protect your search engine ranking avoid the dreaded duplicate content penalty.


Cross-compare an unlimited Number of "spun" articles

  • Compare articles in .txt format from your hard drive
  • Cross-compare an unlimited* number of "spun" articles, you can import more than a thousand articles.
  • Compare selected articles only
  • Re-compare updated articles

Customizable Duplicate Content Algorithm


Giving you the flexibility to set the algorithm how you determine best.

  • Set the matching part length.
  • You can change the type of percentage that is calculated and output in the percentage output box.
  • You can change the green/yellow/red percentage thresholds which dictate when the output percentage box changes color to warn you when the amount of duplicate content is good, similarity or delete recommend.
  • At anytime, you can restart the software to return settings at their defaults to use our recommended settings.


Multi-threading compare process


Multi-threading allows you to compare a large number of articles in just few minutes. It allows the operating system to allocate resources wherever they're needed, and also to release resources as tasks end. This part is critical to memory management, and is one of the toughest parts of getting multi-threading to work well and efficiently.

delete or Output articles base on similarity percentage


Useful feature for user to management their spun article list, allow change the duplicate content percentage setting, and delete or output the article files that the number of matching text pairs found.


Compare article view panel, edit and save article

Compare Article view panel shows two articles compared result, and highlight which parts of the articles are duplicated. It's ability to be used editing/rewriting for duplicate content and save the update on the hard disk for re-compare it again.

free version

The free version is good for basic view duplicate content less more than 100 articles, the full version is better because it has the multi thread support and also allow to compare more than 1000 articles and more article, and you can edit/delete/ or save the duplicate articles to the hard disk.

Portable application

Duplicate Content Checker is a portable application does not leave its files or settings on the host computer, which may be convenient or required if you have no administrator privileges on a computer. Runs it directly no need install step, no need to be connected to the net.